Frequently Asked Questions About Selling a Vehicle

Sell Your Vehicle With Curated.Bid

Are you ready to sell your adventure vehicle? Showcase it to an audience of adventure enthusiasts with Curated.Bid. The Curated.Bid platform provides sellers with the option to auction their vehicle, or sell it via a make an offer model. 

We invite you to submit your vehicle for consideration in our curated marketplace. We will get back to you in no more than 2 business days with an answer about including your vehicle on Curated.Bid.

Benefits of Selling via Curated.Bid:

  1. Adventure Vehicle Focus: We are maniacally focused on adventure vehicles. You will only find the best selection of Overlanders, 4x4s, and adventure vans on Curated.Bid. Your vehicle won’t be lost next to a sea of sports cars.
  2. We Value Quality: At Curated.Bid, quality matters. Our stringent curation process ensures that only the best adventure vehicles make it to our marketplace. We focus on important aspects like build quality, specifications, and overall condition to maintain the high standards our buyers expect.
  3. Maximize Exposure: Our marketplace platform is designed to give your adventure vehicle the spotlight it deserves. Your vehicle will be presented to a vast audience of adventure seekers with a unique marketing program across social, web, and beyond to engage buyers.
  4. Fair Value for Your Vehicle: Our make an offer model ensures a fair market value for your vehicle that you get to solely decide upon. At Curated.Bid, we’re committed to helping you achieve the best possible price for your adventure vehicle.
  5. No Listing Fees for Sellers: Listing your adventure vehicle for auction on Curated.Bid comes at zero cost. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by putting your vehicle in front of our enthusiastic community.
  6. Make An Offer?The Make an Offer model does not have a set period of time, and potential buyers make offers on the vehicle at any time without the offer being made public to the community. We will send offers to the seller for their review.
    The buyer pays a 5% buyer’s premium ($4500 maximum) upon the close of a transaction.
  7. Zero Obligation, Zero Hassle: Submitting your vehicle for consideration comes with no obligation. If your vehicle meets our criteria and is accepted for Curated.Bid, we’ll guide you through the process seamlessly.
  8. Guidance and Support: Our team is here to assist you throughout the sales process. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve a successful sale.

Submit Your Vehicle For Sale:

Fill out this form to submit your adventure vehicle for consideration at Curated.Bid. We will get back to you in no more than 2 business days with an answer about including your vehicle on Curated.Bid.

Selling Tips & Tricks

See this blog post of ours for tips and tricks related to how to best market your vehicle on Curated Bid. From how best to take pictures, to improving the vehicle description, this post will help.

Tips & Tricks To Help Sell Your Vehicle